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Statistika nuo 2007 03 01

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The main strategic NHETP documents for goal's implementation prepared at the end of March 2007:

  1. Feasibility Study (download pdf file)
    In the present document the current needs of the heat energy sector are presented in general, disclosing the scientific potential of Lithuania in this sector. The industrial needs and the presence of the scientific potential makes it possible to develop the technological platform/
  2. Development of the National Heat Energy 2006-2025 (download pdf file)
    This vision reflects the agreement of the business and scientific community about the strategic activity of the heat energy sector’s technologies platform, the long-term goals of the main research and technological development.
    The attempts are made in the present document to summarize the problems of the heat energy sector and of consumption of the energy resources. Various activities, which promote smaller consumption of energy, reduction of losses in the distribution systems, promotion of cogeneration and consumption of the renewable resources are foreseen. The heat energy inseparably linked with the environmental protection problems, which at present are widely investigated at various levels.
  3. Strategic Action Plan 2007-2013 (download pdf file)
    In the present document it is estimated the activities of the NHETP linked with the technological field and the specialists training sphere.The activity goals, measures and ways of implementation and the volume of projects related to the National heat energy strategy, development trends of the heat energy economy and the National energy consumption efficiency improvement program were estimated in the elaboration course of the NHETP activity plan.
    In the present document the main possible fields of activities are defined and the activities are estimated (programs and projects). The main part of the document embraces the description of the estimated activities. it is just an initial document, defining the activities of the NHETP and indicating the priority trends of the platform activities/
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