The National Heat Energy Technology Platform (NHETP) was founded after amalgamation of the business enterprises, which are attributed to the heat economy sector, of the scientific research institutions, of the representatives of financial groups, seeking for mobilizing and directing of the entities, which are attributed to the business and scientific research sector, towards execution of the activity as per the most promising directions of the national and international break-through of the heat energy economy on the grounds of the joint  activity of the National technologies platform.

Date of foundation: 24 August, 2006

Principal goal: to coordinate the interests and actions of the scientific and educational institutions, of the consultative and production enterprises; to consolidate their human, institutional and material resources, seeking for the concerted consumption of the heat energy resources in the heat energy generation, supply and consumption sectors.

Main activities:
1. Preparation of specialists and training center
   1.1 Establishment of specialized training center
   1.2 Promotion and support of the employment in the industrial sector of specialists with scientific background
   1.3 Enhancement of cooperation between higher education, studies, education institutions and industrial companies through the employment of the technological base of the industrial companies for the scientific and education purposes
     1.3.1 Platform of students and industry
2. Efficiency improvement of energy transmission
   2.1 Investigation of general reliability of networks and modeling of scenarios
   2.2 Operation period analysis of pre-insulated pipelines
   2.3 Improvement of district heating water preparation (dearation)
   2.4 Employment of heat energy transmission system for cooling purposes
   2.5 General optimization of network scheme
3. Transmission and development of technologies
   3.1 Establishment of technologies approbation and transmission center
     3.1.1 Development of new technologies transmission system
     3.1.2 Takeover of environmental protection technologies and their application in Lithuania
   3.2 Development of the unified system for the entire Lithuanian economy and all alternative fuel resources
     3.2.1 Assessment of the employment of alternative energy resources
     3.2.2 Technological and economical assessment of coal firing
4. Reduction of pollution
5. Improvement of technological processes
   5.1 Reliability improvement of electricity supplies
   5.2 Accumulation of energy fuel reserves
   5.3 The assessment of the current condition of the electricity economy
   5.4 Development of automation
     5.4.1 Monitoring system of network quality
6. Enhancement of cooperation and improvement of image